! General Installation Guide for Tradestation

Tradestation Indicator Download and Installation

In just a few short steps outlined below, you will have your indicator on your chart and be ready to start trading. Check out the configuration guides and customization guides for more information on how to properly set up your indicator according to your preferences post download and installation. 


Step 1: Download The Indicator File 

To install any new proprietary indicator you've purchased from us on your Tradestation platform, you will first need to download the file to your computer. Please navigate to the designated download area and proceed to download the file. 

Step 2: Run The Tradestation Installer File 

Now that the file has been downloaded you run the indicator installer file. 

If you are using Chrome, you can click on the file in the lower corner of the screen to run the indicator installer. 

Hint: If you are running the indicator filer installer from the directory, simply click on the file and run it to begin the install. 

Step 3: Next You Will Complete the Installation Process

Once you have run the indicator file, you should see the Install Wizard window appear to walk you through the installation. Click through the installation steps to complete the indicator install. 

First select  Run.....

Then select Next >...

And then Next > again...

Here you will need to click the radio button for Agree then click Next > ....

Click Next >  to save the file to your program files directory. 

You do not need to change this location, it is already set so Tradestation can find it. 

Click Yes to create the destination in the folder. 

Finally click Start to allow the installer to move onto Tradestation where you will log into your platform. 

Then Exit to open the platform. 

Log into your platform and complete the Import Wizard steps. 

Once logged in, the Import Wizard should continue to run. 

Click Next > to continue....

Click Finish to complete the installation of the indicator in Tradestation....

Click OK and you're finished with the Installation Process

Step 4: Applying the Indicator to a Chart

You will now be able to add the indicator to your charts by first selecting either selecting the  New Chart Analysis Window from the top menu or the clicking on theTrading Apps button to the left then select New Chart Analysis Window. Both will achieve the goal of opening a new chart analysis window. 

With a chart analysis window open, you can select the Insert menu option from the top menu bar then click Indicator...

Finally select your new indicator and click Ok to apply it to your chart.