!10x Indicator Installation for NinjaTrader 7

NOTE: This video has no sound. The walk-through is outlined below. 

"Hello welcome to the 10x Bars Indicator Installation Video for NinjaTrader 7

Begin by downloading the ST10xBars Zip file. Do not open this file outside of NT
Be sure NT is closed during this portion of the installation. 
On the download page, select to Download the indicator file. 
Once downloaded. you will now open Ninja Trader
Select file > import Ninja Script 
Now that the file has been imported you are ready to open a new chart and add the indicator. 
Open a new chart and apply the indicator. 
There you go, the 10x Bars indicator installation is complete"

Brief How-To for Downloading and Installing Indicator:

Starting from the download area, download the file for your platform– in this case you will download the NinjaTrader zip file. Now that you have downloaded the zip file, open Ninja Trader 7, click file > then hover over Utilities then click “Import NinjaScript…”

This should bring up a window to navigate to the zip file you just downloaded. Navigate to the zip file and click on it and open it. You should see a pop up confirming the import “NinjaTrade successfully imported all the indicators/strategies contained in the NinjaScript Archive File.” Click OK.

Opening a new chart:

Select File > then hover over New > then click Chart… select a symbol from the list or search for one in the box (type AAPL for example) and then click enter. The symbol should appear in the lower left corner box. *** Make sure your TYPE is set to DAILY on the right *** then click OK.

 Adding the Indicator to your chart:

Right-click in the chart area and select “Indicators…” from the dropdown menu. Now you can select your indicator from the list on the left by double-clicking. ***Double-click the name to add it*** and then click OK.