! How to Access 10x Scans in the Scanner Dashboard

Welcome to the new Scanner Dashboard

The new Scanner Dashboard is now located on the Simpler Trading site where you can login and access more of your services and content.

Please navigate to the following URL to access the Scanner.

URL:  https://www.simplertrading.com/dashboard/account/

1. This will bring you to the login page where you can use the credentials provided upon sign up.

2. Once you have logged in, you can select "Scanner” from the Dashboard menu.

3. The Scanner side menu will display the 10x scans. These are divided by time frame and further broken down by bullish and bearish sentiment.

4. Once you have selected a Scan and you have the results displayed you will be able to check out the criteria for that scan by click on the Information Icon which is a lower case “i” in an orange circle at the top of each Scan. This will help you better understand these scan results.

5. The “criteria” will be displayed as follows:

You are now ready to start going thru the Scans and continue further researching these symbols in your Trading Platform.