Welcome to Simpler Trading

Trading is one of the most challenging and highly rewarding skills on earth. We have compiled a highly skilled and extremely compassionate team that is dedicated to educating and inspiring other traders who come to us, ready to learn.

On our team, we have traders who use intraday options and futures strategies, both simple and complex options swing strategies, and also traders who swing trade forex and futures. Some of our traders use strategies that require close management, but many who are suitable for those who are working during the day.
Here are some free resources to get you started in exploring our offerings:
Once you are ready, we have much, much more in our member's areas!
Our goal at Simpler Trading is to guide you along your journey – taking bits and pieces from each professional, and putting them together to create your own unique style to reach your individual goals. We are confident that through our various resources, we can help you find your way, and succeed as a trader, if you’re willing to put in the work.