How to watch videos at your own speed

Watch videos at your own speed

Here is a cool way to watch all the same videos on the site, but at a faster speed.
1) You will need to use Google Chrome as your browser. Personally, I use Google Chrome for all my viewing anyway. It's very simple to use, is mostly safe for browsing and Signing in to Chrome brings your bookmarks, history and other settings to all your computers. Just go to the Spanner menu and select “Sign in to Chrome”.
2) Now download an extension called "Video Speed Controller"
3) Then you will need to turn off Flash. Go to this webpage:chrome://plugins
Where it say Adobe Flash Player, hit "Disable"
4) Now close your browser and open it back up again
5) Go to any Simpler Trading video like the free daily videos below: 
6) Hit the Play button. You will notice a number on the top left of the video. Hover over it and you can hit +, or -, and it will either speed up, or slow down the video for you. 
7) NOTE!! Go to this webpage:chrome://plugins - to ENABLE FLASH 
You may need to do so for the trading room and other flash based sites

Let us know how it works and have fun!