Utilizing Trade Alerts

One of the best features of the Simpler Trading service, the trade alerts, enables you to trade more efficiently.  Trade alerts are posted in our Gold Room, as well as emailed and sent as push notifications. If you have any questions about how receive alerts please see, How to Sign-Up for Trade Alerts Section in our Knowledge Base. Please note that if the trader making the trade feels that the trade is too time sensitive, or if they are concerned about traders imitating their action without fully understanding it, they will not text out the trade.

Mobile Alerts: Guide, Alerts, Sound

Trade alerts are not meant to be followed blindly. You’ll find them useful once you have a basic understanding of the way that John, Henry, Bruce, and others trade since they’re the ones who text out the alerts. Our  Welcome Packet will give you a good introduction to each traders’ style.  We have a wide variety of traders who trade live, but no one follows them all! Start by selecting who fits your trading personality and risk tolerance. After you narrow that down, check out the calendar on our main page and sit in on the room sessions you're interested in. Once you feel comfortable with each trader’s style, then you can begin taking their trades.

Click on this link for a thorough explanation of how to read trade alerts. A great place to go is to check out Henry’s recordings in Foundation membership. You can find his explanation for reading alerts reading trade alerts . Here is an outline of what he covered in his classes. *Please note that you need to login to Simpler Options to access the link to the class. This image is for informational purposes, and does not link to the classes.

For a written explanation, as to how to place trades based on the alerts, as well as place trades, please read the following documents:

Understanding Henry’s Trade Alerts

Understanding John's Trade Alerts Especially if you’re working during the day, the Nightly Videos and Chat Room Archive are great resources for understanding the trades that our traders are placing. You can always check here if you’re not sure why the trade was placed.

Questions regarding how John is managing the trade can usually be found here:  John's Trading Plan. By referring to this document, you can see how John manages his trades when he isn’t in the room. Every effort is made to send out texts messages for entries and exits, however it's important for you to manage your own positions, as we cannot guarantee delivery of every message. It’s best if you understand where we typically place targets and exits, and most importantly, where you want to place your personal target and exit, before entering a trade.

If you have any other questions: