How do I add custom intervals to my quick time frames menu?

Below are video and text instructions on how to add custom time intervals to your quick time frames menu, as to mimic the time frames that John and Henry utilize: 39min, 78min and 195min. The US equities cash session is 390 minutes in length. Each unique time frame will produce the following number of bars:

39 min = 10 bars

78 min = 5 bars

195 min = 2 bars

1) To adjust the time frames in ThinkorSwim, you first need to direct yourself to the "Charts" tab.


2) Next, direct yourself to the time frame menu towards the top right hand side of the charts.


3) From the drop down menu, choose "customize list."


4) A new window should appear, where you can edit or create a new time frame. In this example, we'll change the default 30min time frame to a 39min. Select the 10D : 30m from the list and choose "edit."


5) After adjusting the time to 39 minutes, choose "Apply" and "ok."


6) To add the additional time frames, you would adjust the one hour and 4 hour time frames, or alternatively just create new ones. To save the changes, you'll need to save the workspace by clicking "setup" and "save workspace as..."


7) Now you should have the custom 39min time frame visible from the time frame drop down menu.


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