! How do I setup the Squeeze watchlist column in TOS with color filled grid?

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"How do I fill the color in the grid of the Squeeze watchlist?"

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The Squeeze is an extremely powerful indicator for timing trades as well as understanding price movement. When you set up your watchlist full of your favorite stocks, ETFs, Indexes, currencies. etc. you can now add a Custom column to the mix which will give you a quick view of the Squeeze. When watching this column you can easily see if an underlying has a Squeeze setting up or recently fired which is pivotal to timing your trades around this set up. 

You can set up your Custom Squeeze Column by copying the below code into a Custom Script in TOS. Once you have the code pasted into a Custom Script you will be able to apply the column to any of your watchlists.

Code to replace in a TOS squeeze watchlist:

## Simpler Trading Squeeze watchlist column - Eric Purdy 2017
# Shared Link - http://tos.mx/5cpgKa
# Shared Link - http://tos.mx/Ruon09
def sqz = !TTM_Squeeze().SqueezeAlert;
def direction = TTM_Squeeze()>TTM_Squeeze()[1];
def count = if sqz and !sqz[1] then 1 else count[1]+1;
def fired = if !sqz and sqz[1] then 1 else 0;
def firedCount = if fired then 1 else firedCount[1]+1;
def firedDirection = if fired then direction else firedDirection[1];
addLabel(yes, if sqz then "Squeeze:" + count else if sum(fired,5) then "Fired:" + firedCOunt + if firedDirection then " Long" else " Short" else "-", if sqz then color.WHITE else if sum(fired,5) and firedDirection then color.BLACK else color.BLACK);

AssignBackgroundColor(if sqz then Color.RED else if fired then color.ORANGE else if sum(fired,5) and firedDirection then color.GREEN else color.black);

SHARED LINK:http://tos.mx/bD1Hse