! John Carter's Indicators and Chart Layout

John’s Indicators and Chart Layout

You may have heard, John uses a combination of indicators and market internals across his 6 monitors that he looks at daily. As you know each trader should decide what is most important to them to have on their own charts, and what works best for them.

His core setup includes:

Here is the link to our knowledge base home page: Knowledgebase Homepage

Additionally, John uses the following indicators that aren’t included in the below link. You can find more information about each indicator in the  knowledge-base under the category ‘Indicators.’

  • Three ATR Setup (free in most platforms)
  • The Early In-N-Out Indicator
  • The Multi-Time Frame Analysis Indicator + HOLB/LOHB Indicator
  • The Ready, Aim, Fire Indicator
  • Sector Spy
  • Credit Sniper
  • Launch PAD
  • Triple Squeeze
  • Expected Move Targets

Below is a link to the shared chart which will get you set up with the basic chart setup, look and feel which you will see on John's charts. 

TOS Shared Link for John's Style: http://tos.mx/KIcLXn

Check out the following article for more on opening a shared item in TOS>