What are the differences between the subscription choices for TradingView?

Trading View is an online charting platform used by our traders to do their technical analysis and charting. Trading View offers a couple of different subscription options in order to get the most out of the platform. 

The subscription choices are as follows. 

Basic - Free

Pro - Monthly/Annual Subscription

Pro+ - Monthly/Annual Subscription

Premium - Monthly/ Annual Subscription

We recommend starting out with the Basic - Free choice to get familiar with the platform and check out what its capabilities are for charting. This will help you pick which upgraded version you should subscribe to for your needs. 

You can pick any of the choices for the subscriptions through the platform. It all depends how much you want to do in Trading View as far as analysis goes. Each of the subscription options are going to offer more in the way of chart capabilities, alerts, data streams, support, etc. The Basic free account is plenty to chart with. The Pro allows the following listed in the image. And the Pro+ gives access from multiple devices at once and extended trading hours. Check out the link below for more information. 

The features for each are listed here. 

Basic allows you to use the charting space with a limited number (3 max) of indicators and single layouts. It is also limited on the type of data you receive, it also has adds.

Pro allows for a few more features charting wise and you can upgrade your data, no adds, 2 charts per layout, 5 indicators per chart, save charts.

Pro+ is a few more indicators on each chart and the ability to see more charts at once as well as save more charts. 

Premium you will see all of the above plus advance and priority support.

Check out their website to learn more. 

There is no additional discounting for TradingView through Simpler Trading.