! Multi-Squeeze Indicator

Find higher probability squeeze setups across multiple time frames instantly with the ST Multi-Squeeze Indicator!

Thinkorswim View:

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The Multi Squeeze indicator is the ideal tool for finding the infamous "nested squeeze" setups. The nested squeeze is when you have a squeeze across multiple time frames, thus setting up a high probability moment in time to take advantage of a potential greater than expected move. 


The images below will help you to visualize the indicator and how to take advantage of the signals. Ideally, you want to see squeezes in red across several of your higher time frames displayed in the upper right corner. 

Multiple Squeeze Set Ups

Swing Trade - TSLA - Tesla

Here in TSLA, we have a squeeze setting up on the 5 minute time frame. The ST Multi Squeeze also displays a squeeze on higher time frame charts. This lets you know there is more behind this squeeze set up than meets the eye. 

Day Trade - QQQ - PowerShares QQQ

Since there are squeezes setting up across smaller time frames this makes for a potential day trade. The short term aspect is due to not having any power in the hourly, daily, or weekly charts.   

Single Squeeze Signals 

AXP - American Express Co

In the AXP chart above, while there is a squeeze on the 5-minute chart, there are not squeezes setting up on higher time frames. This means that the 5-minute squeeze will not have much power behind it and may be short-lived. 

Wrap Up:

Hopefully, this article brings clarity to understanding how to read the signals generated by the ST Multi Squeeze indicator. In conclusion, you want to see multiple squeezes across higher time frames like the TSLA chart and the QQQ chart. When there are not squeezes on higher time frames such as in AXP chart, there is little power associated with the smaller time frame squeeze. 

If you are interested in more information on this indicator and how to trade these signals, please check out the class below. 

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