Options - Putting it all together.

What are options and why trade them? 

Various options strategies are available for use when trading StocksETF's, Indexes and other instruments. You will want to know which of these you are trading and understand how each is correlated to one another for the best chance and walking away from a trade with a profit. 

Stocks live in and are tracked by ETF's and Sectors and these ETF's and Sectors are what make up the Indexes. The Indexes are traded according to what there perceived future values will be. The Indexes are traded like stocks where you can buy and sell the price levels out right or you can trade options on these as well. 

What strategies do I use and when? 

There are different types of options strategies you can use when trading directional, neutral or otherwise. These different types of strategies will help you determine how much you are risking, how much you stand to make, and what time line you are looking at to make these profits you're shooting for. 

Listed here below are the different types of strategies you will see our traders use as well as a resource link to a quick reference guide available.  

Naked Calls and Puts

Vertical Spreads


Iron Condors