! (RAF) Ready Aim Fire Scan tutorial Thinkorswim

RAF - Ready Aim Fire Scan in Thinkorswim

Here are the instructions walking you through setting up the ST RAF Scan in Thinkorswim.

Use the code below (see also STEP 8) from this document, but there is a helpful video discussing creating a scan in TOS here. 


David Starr's April 11, 2018 tutorial video on the RAF Scan can be found here: 


Subscribers to the Options Membership may also watch in the Member's Webinar area. 


Download and general indicator installation links: 

ST Ready Aim Fire Scan Study   

DO NOT try to open the indicator file directly. The file indicator extension .ts used by TOS is seen by Windows and Mac operating systems as a media file extension. You must import the file directly from the TOS application.  

Users of  Google Chrome and Firefox can find where they downloaded the indicator file by pressing CTRL+J and then click "Show In Folder" for Chrome, or by clicking on the folder icon in Firefox. 




Scanning for Ready Aim Fire in Thinkorswim

1. Download and import the ST_RAF_ScanSTUDY.ts file into thinkorswim (see general installation links above).

2. From within the Stock Hacker, click Add Study Filter and change it to Custom in the Study drop down menu.

3. Inside the Scanner Custom Filter select the thinkScript Editor and enter the following:

ST_RAF_Scan().RAFBuy          or         ST_RAF_Scan().RAFSell

4. Click OK. Use the same process for either the RAF buy scan or RAF sell scan.

5. Select the time frame you would like to set the RAF Scan to work on.

6. Run the Scan 

STEP 1: 

From any Chart window, select Edit Studies

STEP 2: 

Click Import.

STEP 3: 

You will need to find the ST_RAF_ScanSTUDY.ts file on your computer. The default folder is usually your downloads folder. 

If you are using Google Chrome, you can press CTRL+J to show your where you downloaded the filey clicking "Show In Folder".

STEP 4: 

Select the Scan Tab (to the left of the Charts tab). Choose "Stock Hacker".

STEP 5: 

Click the Setup Scan to reveal the Add study filter button. Click on Add study filter.

STEP 6: 

Click on the Study drop down menu. Select Custom at the bottom.

STEP 7: 

Click on the thinkScript Editor tab. Delete the default text.

STEP 8: 

Type the following text: ST_RAF_Scan().RAFBuy  -or-  ST_RAF_Scan()."RAFBuy" is true

Or Type the text: ST_RAF_Scan().RAFSell  -or-  ST_RAF_Scan()."RAFSell" is true 

STEP 9: Click OK.

STEP 10: Select which time frame you would like to use to scan.

Make sure you are scanning for RAFBuy or RAFSell, but not both. 

Click on the Scan button.